11 Inch Hanging Basket


Introducing our vibrant “11 inch Hanging Basket”! Elevate your space with cascading beauty available in two stunning options:
  1. Multicolored Hanging Basket: Bursting with a symphony of hues, our Fruit Cocktail Petunia blend offers a kaleidoscope of colors. Enjoy the harmonious combination of different colored petunias dancing together in this lively arrangement. Priced at $65, it’s a delightful feast for the eye
  2. Orange Hanging Basket: Radiate warmth and elegance with our Orange Petunia Hanging Basket. Crafted exclusively with captivating orange petunias, this option exudes a refined charm. Priced at $60, it adds a touch of sophistication to any setting.
Whichever you choose, our Hanging Baskets promise to infuse your surroundings with natural splendor and charm.

Monday to Friday: Order by 2pm CST for Same Day Flower Delivery

Saturdays: Order by 12pm CST for Same Day Flower Delivery

Each bouquet will arrive with flower care instructions. Please note, certain fragile products are available for a local delivery only.

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